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Detailed Product Names

Detailed Product Range

  • Commercial Kitchen & Canteen Equipments: Industrial Gas Burners, Stock Pots, Gas Cooking Range, Gas Range, Chinese Cooking Range, Continental Range with Underneath Baking Oven,  Chapatti Plate cum Puffer, Chapatti Plate, Chapatti Puffer, Dosa Plate, Griddle Plate, Industrial Deep Fat Fryers, Industrial Hot Plate, Bulk Boiler, Multi-purpose Bulk Boilers, Tilting Boilers, Rice Boiler, Frying Pan, Brat Pan, Galley Cooking Range, SEO Making Machines, Gas Tandoor, Charcoal Tandoor, Drum Tandoor, , Metallic Tandoor, Idly Cooking Plants, Idly Steamer etc.

  • Preparation & Slicing Equipments: Potato Peeler, Potato Chip Slicers, Meat Cutters, Meat Mincer, Garbage Crushers & Liquidizers, Wet Grinders, Spice Grinders, Multi Utility Tilting Wet Grinders, Dry Grinder, Coconut Scrappers, Vegetable Cutters, French Fry Cutters, Gravity Meat Slicers, Bone Shaw, Juicers, Food Processor etc

  • Steam Cooking Equipments: Multi Purpose Steam Cooking Systems, Rice Cooking Steam Vessel, Direct Steam Injection Vessels, Indirect Steam Injection Vessels, Steam Cooking Plants, Tilting Steam Cooking Vessels, Steam Generators, Autoclaves, etc.

  • Bakery Equipments: Pizza Ovens, OTG, Oven-Toaster-Griller, Semi Commercial Baking Oven, Commercial Deck Ovens, Double Deck Ovens, Triple Deck Ovens, Dough Kneader, Atta Kneading Machine, Planetary Mixers, Spiral Cake Mixer, Bread Slicers, Egg Beater, high precision weighing scales etc.

  • Snacks Makers: Deep Fat Fryers, Double Unit Deep Fat Fryers, Bar-B-Que, Charcoal Bar-B-Que, Sandwich Grillers, Double Unit Sandwich Grillers, Industrial Grillers, Salamander, Commercial SS Toaster, Conveyor Toasters, Rotary Toaster, Candy Maker, Corn Steamer, Ingredient Display Units, Juicers, Hot Plate, Idly Steamer, Water Boiler, Milk Warming urn, Ice Crushers, Hot Cases, Hot Food Cabinet, Coffee Machines, Coffee Grinders, Espresso Coffee Machine, Roller Grill & Bun Warmers, Pizza Ovens, Induction Ovens, Multi-function Ovens, Microwave ovens, Kabab grillers, Softy Machines, Waffle Makers, Crepe Machine, beverage Dispensers, Shorma Machine etc.

  • Refrigeration Equipments, Bar Equipments & Display Counters: Vertical Refrigerators, 4 Door Freezers, 2 Door Refrigerators, Work Top Refrigerators, Work Top Freezers, Pizza Displayers, Sandwich Counters, Refrigerated Bend Glass Display Counters, Heated Bend Glass Display Counters, Tapered Glass Display Counters, Refrigerated Pizza Makers, Sushi Counters, Ice Cube Makers, Ice Crushers, Ice Cube Machines, Chest Freezer, Ice Cream Parlour, Glass Top Chest Freezer, Wine Chiller, Mini Bars, Bottle cooler, Visi-Cooler, water Cooler, Water Cooler with Purifier, Water Purifiers, Water cooler cum Purifier, RO & UV Purifier cum Coolers, Hot & Cold Water Dispenser etc

  • Food Service Equipments: Food Service Counters, Bain Marie - Floor Model, Table Top Bain Marie, Chef Counter with Bain Marie & Hot Case, Service Counters, Salad Counter, Plate Pick Up Table, Plate Warmers, Chaffing Dishes etc, SS Gastronom Pans with SS Lid, Polycarbonate GN Pans with Lids, Heat Sealing machines, Insect Killer, Soup Kettle, Microwave Oven, .

  • Trolleys: SS Kitchen Utility Trolley, SS Platform Trolleys, MS Platform Trolleys, Hot Food Tray Trolley, Hot Food Bain Marie Trolley with Hot Case, Hot Case Trolley, Tray Rack Trolley Linen Trolley, Tea Snacks Trolley, Room Service Trolley, Room Service Trolley with Hot Case, Mobile Rumali Roti Maker, Masala Trolleys, Cutlery Trolleys, House Keeping Trolley, Soiled Dish & Glass Landing Trolley etc.

  • Washing Equipments: Hand Wash Sink, Single Sink Unit, Double Sink Unit, Triple Sink Unit, Sink with Drain Board, Pot Wash Sink, Soiled Dish Landing Table with Garbage Chute, SS Garbage Bin, Plastic Garbage Bins, Geyser, Hand Dryer etc.

  • Tables & Racks: SS Clean Dish Racks, SS Pot Rack, 4 Seater SS Dining Table with Stool, 6 Seater Dining Table with SS Stool, 8 Seater Dining Table with Stools, Potato Bin, Onion Bins, Potato & Onion Bins, Spice Tables, Work Table, Marble Top SS Tables, Storage Racks etc.

    • Kitchen Exhaust & Ventilation Systems: GI Exhaust Hood with SS Filers, SS Hood with SS Filers Exhaust, Exhaust Fan, Axial Flow Fax, Centrifugal Fan, Wall Hangings Hoods, Canopy Hoods, GI Duct, SS Ducting etc.  

    • Dishwashers: Domestic Dishwashers, Industrial Dishwashers, Under counter Dishwasher, Hood Type Dishwasher, flight Type Dishwasher, Conveyer Dishwasher, Glass washer, detergent dozers, pressure pumps, spares for dishwashers etc.

    • Gas Bank Manifolds: Gas Bank & Manifold of different configuration, MS Gas Lines, SS Gas Line etc.